of care, of memories

of love and forgotten stories


revive love everyday

live life as they say


in another world we will be

which we could together see


come take me to your arms

don’t fear the false alarms


My desire

i want to just fall down

to simplicity, and smiles

out of this fake world

of lost treasures


i want to come out

in the open, into the fields

for once to breathe

out of this choked city


i want to eat trash

not the salads or breasts

to live it to the fullest

and spoil myself with it


i want to sleep on the grass

on the bed of fallen flowers

still thinking of my beloved

in a breeze passing by


i want to hold your hand

not your diamond ring

People, We

People try to fill their melancholy

with expensive things to pass time

they decorate their pain

with a soft bed of roses


People try to run from their lives

into mountains and small towns

they addict themselves to be alone

just to forget about who they love


People spend their lives working

thinking they could change the world

yet their own lives they cannot

they fear the darkness, silence


People would sleep for long hours

looking for relaxation, peace

if only they will sit in the dark

alone in the basement, like Batman…



There are dreams there are ways
There are people there are their days
To which the heart calls, it longs for all
Itself it changes, every moment, it falls

Two choices at every turn, opposites
How do we know what is right

And finally it is not our plan
These are our feelings
which make things happen

Lets feel it…

Two woods diverged

Less travelled is the hard way

the other I kept for another day

knowing that easier, seen it is

we all know where it leads

and I, known to be different

saw that one as reverent


And it has made all the difference

really because I trusted in me, hence

to choose the harder, the longer path

facing the fear of uncertainty, aftermath

I know burnt and to die every moment

is the only way to live full tournament


temporary pleasures may come and go

leaving us empty, every time and so

I have finally found the truth at last

keep empty pages for future and past

write a fresh story at any turn

erase what all has been and return


and then again when you will find

two woods in the yellow intertwined

you will know which one to trust

don’t blame your destiny’s thrust




And who are you fooling

trying to project yourself

as the most intelligent…


sometimes failing to believe

because success and truth

is not the same…


success lies in the truth but

not otherwise and hence

success can become void…


we must run for truth

the hardest road to success

it is the right path…


shortcuts are taken by fools

not by fooling others but

by fooling themselves…


constant grief cripples them

the fear of losing it all at once

they become oblivion …


only temporarily they exist

in their own minds and trying

hard to get followers…


lazy followers who want quick

success and to take shortcuts

not caring about themselves…


for once find the truth

o fool, stop to sing yourself

and be calm, revive…


wipe today the clouds

you created over yourself

and become purified…


you still have the time to

come out of your false image

and know yourself as greatest…


You are but free and fearless

beyond this world of success

rise and shine today…




The Climb

I have been to the top most mountain
tiring it is but also eye opening
that everything else below is so little

they think I am a good mountaineer
but I know it’s nothing great to be there
nothing new to find only if they look within

and they ask about my new expedition
I smile and tell them not happening soon
but I am prepared and so they should be

rather than to ask me, they could think
about their own mountain they need to climb
not to see far and wide or to stand high

but to see little problems from that height
fight for the truth, fight for the people
lead by example like all good mountaineers

only then they will know what I know…

The flowering tree

When it has lost all the leaves
the naked skeleton stands
alone and devoid of everything
looks like it’s just dead

The moment of sprouting life
is when everything seems to end

and hence nothing ever really dies
death is the moment of a new life
of rising again but with new colours
so there is beauty also in the dead

and thus life and death together
is just a manifestation of existence

rise every time you think you have fallen
because no matter what goes out of your hand
life is bigger than that, will sprout in spring
let the winter take all your leaves, be dead

such is the beauty of life we have
only a person with true eyes can see…

One wish

I had seen you true one day
as a light as bright as sun
the very source of life, hey
why do you come today

I am so lucky to see you for once
the greatest, kindest and the truth
as a human I ask you today hence
I am a captive of world’s events

Please give me all the powers to rule
also lots of money for my comfort
don’t forget the brain, I need as tool
and I wish to be famous but I am a fool

and smiling like a father you lend
sure, you said you can ask me anything
all of it is in the world my friend
but please ask me one true wish and end

because I take care of not only you
but the whole world so you decide
what you want in life, take a clue
and if you want nothing, I am you…