Some more

Love and love some more

forgive everyone who hurt you

they are hurting themselves 


Live and live some more

no has a right to stop you

take it where it feels right


Laugh and laugh some more

you never know who you impress

with your ship sailing, it wont drown


Sing and sing some more

trust few important men of steel

everyone is fighting for their destiny

No one

No one to listen, no one to hear

my story, my pain and my fear


This is what I conclude from the mystery of life

no one is a lover, a friend or a wife

to the bad luck, we are born on the same land

but still the people fail to understand

how much one lose to carry a relationship

and in a minute, it drowns like a ship

only names are there – father, brother, mother

but they don’t really care for each other

because whenever one has to suffer pain

there is no partner even to remain

like the winter-leaves, they fall

and come back again in the spring – they all

but whenever one gets happiness

it reduces and gets much less

due to the wrong intentions of the society

happiness gets killed! God mercy!

Give them the hearts and not only the mind

so that they can be enough gentle and kind

let them realise everyone’s feelings

and pain and how tough is to get healings


Still I know no on is the God, no one to hear

my story, my pain and my fear


We die, and then we begin again

on a new journey that starts everyday


even if you do not know the rain

silver linings of the clouds it may


and when the summer takes you

in the spring they will come play


keep going in the sweat and say


My desire

i want to just fall down

to simplicity, and smiles

out of this fake world

of lost treasures


i want to come out

in the open, into the fields

for once to breathe

out of this choked city


i want to eat trash

not the salads or breasts

to live it to the fullest

and spoil myself with it


i want to sleep on the grass

on the bed of fallen flowers

still thinking of my beloved

in a breeze passing by


i want to hold your hand

not your diamond ring


They suck the blood out of you

you feel helpless, drained

knowing them alive, living on you

making you weak, strained


seldom you realise they are not

your part, making it hard to get rid of

these false realities are demons hot

they are not alive or dead there of


only within you they can survive

but only if you allow them to

imagine a better life without them, strive

realise the parts that only appear to be you


and once the parasites are out of you

my friend, you won’t feel drained anymore…






People, We

People try to fill their melancholy

with expensive things to pass time

they decorate their pain

with a soft bed of roses


People try to run from their lives

into mountains and small towns

they addict themselves to be alone

just to forget about who they love


People spend their lives working

thinking they could change the world

yet their own lives they cannot

they fear the darkness, silence


People would sleep for long hours

looking for relaxation, peace

if only they will sit in the dark

alone in the basement, like Batman…



Once I would have fallen down

but I don’t and I keep walking

maybe I forgot the way through

Or I was going right before


so while I get up, I look again

from where I come and where I

need to go; Is it the right path?

that takes me to my destiny


I keep walking but I must clear

stones in my path that hinder

and instead of asking people

I must find my own path here


some lead me to the wrong way

who do not themselves know ahead

even if they have crossed your paths

jungle is huge, animals lurk, day or night


if they choose to go, let them

if they choose to come, let them

as born alone, traveler to explore

why be afraid if we die alone anyway


human is the most tricky animal

you won’t know if it will harm or transform…



There are dreams there are ways
There are people there are their days
To which the heart calls, it longs for all
Itself it changes, every moment, it falls

Two choices at every turn, opposites
How do we know what is right

And finally it is not our plan
These are our feelings
which make things happen

Lets feel it…


‘Hey, how are you?’ he asked

why do we ask such difficult questions

‘Well, I am good.’ I said as some

lies will always carry a smile to go with


strange as I look down at the menu

as he reads me through my response

he smiles softly and then he would forget

burnt ashes is what we will be served