For you

Who are these moments for

my friend what will you take


what did you create and

who did you really care for


its all just one my friend

your mind creates everything else


but if you see properly

there is one single direction


you must follow your heart

everything else shall burn


hold it when it beats too fast

there is no running in this long path


one day when sorrow fills your heart

be with it because it is still yours


love, love, love, love yourself first…

The Sea

You are the sea

that I long for

I am not afraid of the waves

not about you being agitated


because I won’t be on the surface

I will be far beneath as a mermaid

to the darkest corners finding nothing

but peace and discovering treasures


and like human I don’t walk on land

or enjoy the light waves at the shore

human floats on the surface

hopes you conquer you, fights


it forgets it is not a free flying bird

but nor am I and so my friend

let me drench you all wet

as I took birth in the mountains


the river flowed and I followed

I knew my destiny, curious to know

but now I have finally found you

I love you…


I feel empty inside

like empty pages

of a book, withered


a leaf flying

a petal falling

a raindrop tickling

a feather picking


lots was untold

lots was unsaid

lots was unspoken


in the empty space

I died…


We die, and then we begin again

on a new journey that starts everyday


even if you do not know the rain

silver linings of the clouds it may


and when the summer takes you

in the spring they will come play


keep going in the sweat and say