Part of me

Where do you find me now

in the lines of your prose I used to read

in the smell of the food we ate together

in the tune of the song you played for me

Which place had I left untouched

so as not to love you as much

so as I am there with you or not

so as I have evaporated drop by drop

Why did things happen the way we fear

knowing all still we go through it

knowing that one day we are not together

knowing someday you would leave

and like this I am there with you in your thoughts perhaps

what do you call it now?

The Vast Fields

These silent fields
Where I run forever
People do stand by
I do not talk to them
I only run for you
To find where you stand
And when I’ll do
I’ll stand a mile away
Where you could see me
Sense my difficult breaths
Come running to me or
May be go away silently
Then I won’t run ever
To find anyone else
I shall be silent, still
But if you come to me
Holding each other
We shall be still, silent

Because I never loved you

I don’t love you

But I have suddenly started caring a lot about you

I don’t like you

But I found myself mimicking you unintentionally

I don’t need you

But I feel like talking to you all the time, in my mind

I don’t fancy you

But I feel happy when I see your smiling photos


You’re not in my heart

But I often think what you would be doing/thinking

You’re not my enemy

But I have stopped myself from indulging in you

You’re not my prince

But I imagine you seeing me when I get ready

You don’t bother me

But I cannot think when you look into my eye


I am sorry

I always said just the first lines

I was doubtful

That falling for you was a crime

I was hopeful

That you would understand us

I could not stop you

When you chose to leave my life and us


In all

I have felt you as a part of me

In all

I could not know what you were of me

In all

We have just crossed too far to get back

In all

You have given me the good and the bad


I owed you a poem perhaps

But you owe me nothing…