I was born pale

grew all green and red

and yet no one really bothered

to look at me, appreciate

interact, touch, praise

or even use and finally

I fall down here, thinking

if it was all worth it

only to exist…

Part of me

Where do you find me now

in the lines of your prose I used to read

in the smell of the food we ate together

in the tune of the song you played for me

Which place had I left untouched

so as not to love you as much

so as I am there with you or not

so as I have evaporated drop by drop

Why did things happen the way we fear

knowing all still we go through it

knowing that one day we are not together

knowing someday you would leave

and like this I am there with you in your thoughts perhaps

what do you call it now?

Let them be

don’t be normal

don’t be someone else

learn to trust yourself

and see what you become

don’t go to the path

they choose for you

fight for your own

this you must do

be stubborn, roar

and then laugh because

they don’t understand

but those who do, respect


take me places of the unsung songs

of the melodies sweet that roar

of your presence, unseen at the shore


your eyes that see me forever

and your lips that taste so sweet

your hands between my teeth


allow me to sing again to you

my dear who doesn’t know

please to all else do not show

For you

Who are these moments for

my friend what will you take


what did you create and

who did you really care for


its all just one my friend

your mind creates everything else


but if you see properly

there is one single direction


you must follow your heart

everything else shall burn


hold it when it beats too fast

there is no running in this long path


one day when sorrow fills your heart

be with it because it is still yours


love, love, love, love yourself first…