छोटी सी मेरी खुशी 

ऐ खुशी, फिर कहा छुप जाती है तू बार बार

ढूंढ़ते ढूंढ़ते तुझे फिर ये गम मुझे घेर लेता है

छोटी सी तू नादान तो है पर, अपने साथ मुझे भी

ले चल क्यूँकि गम साये से बढ़ता जाता है


मान जा कहना मेरा, अब कब तक खेलेगी खेल

आज फिर तुझे गले से लगाकर रोने को जी चाहता है

कितनी प्यारी है तू कितनी भोली सी मासूम

ऐ खुशी तेरे साथ तो वक़्त यू ही गुजर जाता है


चल अब तुझे मैं आज़ाद ही रहने देती हूँ

बलवान और धनी भी कैद तुझे न कर पाया है

ये साया चुनरी सा ओढ़ कर अब मैं बैठी हूँ

सन्नाटा और ख़ामोशी ही मेरा असल सरमाया है


अगर मेरी याद आये तो, अब तू ही मुझे ढूंढ लेना

घूँघट खोलेगी तू मेरा, तो मैं फिर से हँस दूँगी

बस भूल न जाना मुझे, मेरी जान है तुझमें

तू आएगी तो ज़िंदगी से फिर से मिल लूँगी


कर्ज़ तुझपे अब मेरी इन साँसों का है

जो बिन तेरे कुछ भारी सी लगती है

बड़ी होकर आना अब तू मेरी खुशी

तेरी मन्नतें मैंने उस रब से कर रखी है

Time: A myth?

The river that originated agitated

now stands silent in the plain

the lines on my face

have changed, but the eyes remain


the wheel has turned again

for another round lame

The tree I water is withered

but I love it the same


I did my tasks each day

some changed over the years

waking up with the same fate

of smiles, songs and tears


as if time has not travelled and

I am alive in the distinct moments

it does not matter to me…

This life, this story of ours

This life, this little story of yours

keeps revolving around you, you think

You dive deep, into yourself, your life

thinking its all you, all over


You ping me more, count my mistakes

as if there was going to be as we thought

if that was so, the world would burn

We don’t yet control our lives


I ask you thus, to look within

and find peace, with who you are

look outside, and find happiness

scattered all around, and eyes to see


This life, this story of ours

is written in the stars…

A New Ring

A pretty ring that I wear all day

is now getting a little rotten

It use it less, I keep it on my desk

and stare at it as if it is forgotten


One day when I was out

I saw the same ring, new and fun

I readily bought it, happy I was

till I came back and saw the old one


I could not decide which one to wear

the old one is awful, but new is same as old

I wanted the old one to become like new

I loved it but perhaps not cared enough


Only if it was easy to look at the old one everyday

I chose to throw it out of the window suddenly

But strangely, thats the only thing I remember now


Images in front of me

Keep moving as I see

Linger every time, everyday

I do not like them, always


I cannot collect them

I cannot know of them

How truthful they are

Better get hurt than believe


They flicker every time

Change in no time

I try hard to clear them

They never leave me alone


Even on closing eyes

Dreams with open eyes

Fake images that never come

Images gone, perhaps not true


I want some empty pages

To make my own images

My life makers these images

Difficult to create, erase


But the good ones always

Keep pleasant all days

These moments I draw, color

More to come, so move…