I feel empty inside

like empty pages

of a book, withered


a leaf flying

a petal falling

a raindrop tickling

a feather picking


lots was untold

lots was unsaid

lots was unspoken


in the empty space

I died…

The Bright Side

Wandering wandering when we reach
the place we’re supposed to be
it has been hard but looks beautiful
as today here I stand, flowery land

It was a day that was written perhaps
otherwise how would it make sense
to show me what I already had
but after I’d lost it, wandering

As if today I’m new, people often touch
but some, at times, touch your life
so deep that it makes you thinking
that how different they are from you

we all are the same perhaps, just one
each struggling at its own pace
only if we could share more, support
it is easier, shine for each other…

Because I never loved you

I don’t love you

But I have suddenly started caring a lot about you

I don’t like you

But I found myself mimicking you unintentionally

I don’t need you

But I feel like talking to you all the time, in my mind

I don’t fancy you

But I feel happy when I see your smiling photos


You’re not in my heart

But I often think what you would be doing/thinking

You’re not my enemy

But I have stopped myself from indulging in you

You’re not my prince

But I imagine you seeing me when I get ready

You don’t bother me

But I cannot think when you look into my eye


I am sorry

I always said just the first lines

I was doubtful

That falling for you was a crime

I was hopeful

That you would understand us

I could not stop you

When you chose to leave my life and us


In all

I have felt you as a part of me

In all

I could not know what you were of me

In all

We have just crossed too far to get back

In all

You have given me the good and the bad


I owed you a poem perhaps

But you owe me nothing…