A New Ring

A pretty ring that I wear all day

is now getting a little rotten

It use it less, I keep it on my desk

and stare at it as if it is forgotten


One day when I was out

I saw the same ring, new and fun

I readily bought it, happy I was

till I came back and saw the old one


I could not decide which one to wear

the old one is awful, but new is same as old

I wanted the old one to become like new

I loved it but perhaps not cared enough


Only if it was easy to look at the old one everyday

I chose to throw it out of the window suddenly

But strangely, thats the only thing I remember now


It was a day, today

I saw no one

I spoke to no one

I didn’t even want to


Now it is the night

Full of the same emptiness

But in the night

Even the slightest sounds are soaring


And they sometimes make me feel

That someone is coming

And I don’t understand why I cannot sleep

Maybe because I know they are not real