No one

No one to listen, no one to hear

my story, my pain and my fear


This is what I conclude from the mystery of life

no one is a lover, a friend or a wife

to the bad luck, we are born on the same land

but still the people fail to understand

how much one lose to carry a relationship

and in a minute, it drowns like a ship

only names are there – father, brother, mother

but they don’t really care for each other

because whenever one has to suffer pain

there is no partner even to remain

like the winter-leaves, they fall

and come back again in the spring – they all

but whenever one gets happiness

it reduces and gets much less

due to the wrong intentions of the society

happiness gets killed! God mercy!

Give them the hearts and not only the mind

so that they can be enough gentle and kind

let them realise everyone’s feelings

and pain and how tough is to get healings


Still I know no on is the God, no one to hear

my story, my pain and my fear

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