Who was she?

Fainter images if the school days

I remember through my diary

in my mind a friendly face stays

was she my my friend? who was she?


Her face, her smile is so much sweet

and she is the queen of the deepest eyes

needs to be protected against the heat

was she a child? who was she?


on my every mistake she smiles

she let me understand, made me realise

importance of travelling the left miles

was she my supporter? who was she?


she always helped me when I fell

and helped me out at each step

she made me feel better when I was unwell

was she my mother? who was she?


each page of the book that I sae

was full of question and problems

but she made me understand each law

was she my teacher? who was she?


she was not young nor was old

neither a child nor a grown

it was happiness that she sold

was she the God? who was she?


It gets fainter I can’t see

she had disappeared in this crowd

she exits my flower life like a bee

who was she? who was she?


But life has several paths you see

the path I chose had no print of hers

I left her or she left me

who was she? remains a mystery…

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