suddenly I heard a noise

I hadn’t fallen asleep

it was disturbing so I got up


to see a pigeon trapped

through a window I had left open

I rushed to mend my mistake


pointing the bird to go out but

scared, it hit the closed pane

and sat apart from me, wounded


I was exhausted and sad

I couldn’t do anything to help

it won’t understand my language


I sat down the window, relaxed a bit

try not to move so it could trust me

I know that takes a lot of time


I kept sitting for long but

I couldn’t sleep on the floor

so I got up, that scared it again


further into the house where

I couldn’t open the windows

I remained silent some more


when I slowly closed a door

to make its path easier

I think it still felt suspicious


so I swiftly closed another one

now it went right, not sure it knew

only to sit on the floor, my content


I stopped myself again

as I could feel its comfort

I moved a bit, just to hide myself


I didn’t know if it still trusted me

but when I went to see whether it was ok

it flew back through the right window


and then I closed it…



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