False Feelings

I am not here and now

I am somewhere else

in a song, in a memory

perhaps in a false story


wanting things to make sense

wanting to understand it all

what I don’t understand is myself

my anger, my fear, my laugh, my life


imagining figures to relate to

imagining God, family and friends

well looks like nothing is real

whatever I know, or what I feel


I feel pain and I can laugh

I feel fear, sometimes I cry

looking at my television, phone screen

then what do these life events mean


I forget the stories, read new

I forget the experiments I do

all I must remember is to be kind

to love and always give in the wind


this is the only truth I trust to be true

this is the only thing which has value

and this is the way I let my watchers know

that I am the only true hero…





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