The little happiness

And I am auto-happy when the weather is good
Good dancing leaves of the tree who shout to me

reminding to be more receptive of what I have
haven’t I got everything I ever dreamed of

So why be sad, my friend, and I will ask
ask about the stories, the blooms you miss

Do you feel sad more of the happy parts or sad
sad of the dreams that broke, that were never real

The gone is gone, and new dreams await again
again one more time, you will return empty handed

to this moving air and the plants to feel happy

But your heart won’t stop beating or dare
dare to dream again and again, till the last breath

maybe then it will be too late to realise
realise that the air and plants were always there

only if I could be more thankful to what I have
I could have enjoyed, the little happiness I had

of me singing to the sea, breathing and running
running with the waves endless and infinite

and then we would dance at the crazy beats
beats that were real and not dreamy, so they will

always have that little happiness with them
them which when I remember, I would always smile

with this moving air and the plants to feel happy

And with you, my friend, I will laugh and laugh more
more running, more teasing and much more talking

but remember it will only last till you hold
hold onto me, but lightly for the winds to pass

More than the moments of beauty and pleasure
love resides in the moments of forgiving and accepting

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