What to wear

Things of beauty gifted to me
Oh great God, my creator
it was kept covered, fully clothed
Only I know it, I adore it

But should I be ashamed of showing it
Should I be held for flaunting it
Should I hide my true self inside

Is it a sin to feel beautiful
Is it fine to show my body
Is it even relevant to ask you
Certainly my body is my right

Would you stop taking pictures for pleasure
Would you stop teasing me unnecessarily
Should I cry because of what I choose

As if my skin is diseased, I hide it
As if I am never free, never open
As if I am somebody, not myself
Lest I be ready to be disrespected

4 thoughts on “What to wear

    • Thanks a lot. It’s a sentiment about how women would consider hiding their true selves just to maybe guard themselves. Not sure if you could relate to it a lot – like girls hiding their shorts or short clothes from their mother or muslim women wearing beautiful dresses beneath their burqa. It’s a hidden and unsung perspective I wanted to address here. Thanks again.

  1. I totally understood your sentiments in your poem. I cannot be in your shoes for obvious reasons, so I cannot emphathize. That is why I offered my perspective. Do not wait for men to downgrade your apprehensions. Men will understand if they have to. You just come forward.
    Anyways, it was a good read.

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