The Prince Charming

He will look at you like a blessing
He will make you feel home, comfortable
Prince charming will come

He will drive you anywhere you wish to go
He will listen your romantic songs like a melody
He will remember all the dates you guys met
He will make lame jokes just to make you laugh
Prince charming will come

He will say you look pretty with no makeup
He will feel failed if you cry in front of him
He will manage your mood swings with a smile
He will bring you exactly what you wish to eat
He will plan all the outings, dinners with you
He will hug you tighter than you thought
Prince charming will come

He will get you drunk just to hear you talk
He will pick you up, no matter how fat you get
He will look into your eyes and say I love you
He will hold your hand when you need the most
He will celebrate and share everything with you
He will talk first about what you are thinking
He will open up his heart out, show you his family
He will talk to your parents, come to take you
Prince charming will come

Good that you did not settle for anything less than this
And I know he will definitely do all of it because
Prince charming has come…

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