Love yourself

Sometimes I have been hard on me
Sometimes too hard, but only because
I care about you the most
You little piece of soul of me

Sometimes I push you, drive you
Sometimes I am sorry, but mostly
I judge you on little things
and punish you sometimes

I will not push you to blind aspirations
I will push you to our dreams
Dreams are what you’ve shared with me
You little piece of soul of me

I have learned love and patience from you
I have seen you have happiness of your own
You are neither devil nor an angel
You are just you, a free child

Today the love you are filled with bleeds
But I won’t be the part of your wounds anymore
Perhaps at least I will try to love you back
At least I promise, I’ll be always by your side

You are my little God I believe and cherish
You are everything in me
You are too pure, too less selfish than me
Today I am truly sorry that I failed you

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