Finding answers

I am trying to find someone
Who is not thinking ahead
Someone with no agenda, no plans
not seeking sympathy or validation

Looking for someone who I already know
Who sees the truth not facts
Who sees the beauty only of the eyes

Looking for a lost soul who is happy
Within itself and looks beyond
But who is not a part of any story

The one who is not little
Yet very deep and simple
Not physical but true, infinite

Someone who convinces me
When I am lost in my story
And I cannot find the next door
Who stops me from trying so hard

Someone who acknowledges the wind
Passing through my hair and brings
That smile on my face
Who values the little things

I am trying to find someone
Who doesn’t see the obvious
Someone who is always relaxed
And yet full of life

It can sit on my head but eases me
of all of or any of my pain within
I am seeking this person within myself
Not to find peace but to find answers

What will I find?

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