Bye my lovely child

And how does it feel talking to your past
Laughing at those coded jokes
Knowing each other like never before
There is this strange comfort with it
Not trying too hard to change anything

Accepting that it had to happen
and I had to know how it is
I said though it had been hard
But now I know I can go through it
And the motivation is your smile

This is the one we do everything for
And wish to spread hundreds in the world
Like playing with an unknown child
Happy moments live more than the painful
But who do I owe? No one, it’s all mine

My life is touching these moments
And flowing into the silent sea but slowly
As if deep down I already know my destiny
Which sits right next to me every moment
And pinches me to stop ignoring it and listen

It whispers the secret love of life, a rhythm
As I breathe through the moments
Expressing what I feel, anger or laughter
Giving all the way whatever I can
I have nothing to keep, no pockets

I can’t take it anywhere, the happy moments
Just need to build more and more of it
like the water touches the lips of the thirsty
My life is for the people around I meet
I love the moments like my own children

And as all mothers are biased to their child
No matter how much they harm her or
bad they be, the mother loves them infinite
this is exactly how I cherish every moment
And like this my past, I had kissed you then

Selflessly and that is all I had to give you
Nothing more and nothing less you asked for
And now I must go to my future the same way
Thank you for coming by, my lovely child
All I came to say is goodbye…

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