The loud laughs and long teasing
to drop me safe back, he is pleasing

he doesn’t know me yet, two strangers dancing
and in front of all, too high and laughing

one hidden story of those comfortable connections
but strange enough to have no reason, interpretations

it isn’t love yet, it’s just roots

and he would come, come again to rescue me
even if he doesn’t know my problems or see

as if send by someone we trust, in hard times
and he is pulled into my rhythms and my rhymes

but he chooses to let go, tease himself and me more
as if forgetting was easy but I can’t take it anymore

it isn’t love yet, it’s just stems

there is respect and trust and lot
but no motives is derived or thought

as selfless as a flower who only, only gives
forgiveness isn’t asked for or needed, it lives

all the long distances is then covered
but the feelings once again just hovered

it isn’t love yet, it’s just leaves

we forget the smell, but it doesn’t go
the heart never forgets such care though

and there is a special space there for you
separate and perhaps even beyond me too

and it blooms again only when I am in trouble
I don’t choose what comes to me, aid or hurdle

it isn’t love yet, it’s just flowers

and if only you could love less
and look at me in all the mess

through my eyes and my endless talks
to those unknown and long sleepy walks

and there again, again I will find
you and me, in my dreams, intertwined

it isn’t love yet, it’s just roses

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