Because I never loved you

I don’t love you

But I have suddenly started caring a lot about you

I don’t like you

But I found myself mimicking you unintentionally

I don’t need you

But I feel like talking to you all the time, in my mind

I don’t fancy you

But I feel happy when I see your smiling photos


You’re not in my heart

But I often think what you would be doing/thinking

You’re not my enemy

But I have stopped myself from indulging in you

You’re not my prince

But I imagine you seeing me when I get ready

You don’t bother me

But I cannot think when you look into my eye


I am sorry

I always said just the first lines

I was doubtful

That falling for you was a crime

I was hopeful

That you would understand us

I could not stop you

When you chose to leave my life and us


In all

I have felt you as a part of me

In all

I could not know what you were of me

In all

We have just crossed too far to get back

In all

You have given me the good and the bad


I owed you a poem perhaps

But you owe me nothing…

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