Why Woman


You smile, you shy, rather you can fly

With your innovations and high spirits

But taking an edge, tell me why…

Why so pathetic, why a woman?


Questions emerging, answers resolving

All the time, you work and you fail

Due to the man’s world revolving

Why so frail, why a woman?


Standing so far, you shining star

Your beauty admired by everyone

All vanished in the man’s war

Why so feeble, why a woman?


Going tough, but you are strong enough

And that’s why you have survived

The discrimination and related stuff

Why so generous, why a woman?


With all your fears and your tears

You try to forget what you suffered

Concerned, sacrificing for your dears

Why so hearted, why a woman?


To give them mind of my kind

Full of love for other beings

To give birth to a new mankind

So warm, that is why a woman…

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