Images in front of me

Keep moving as I see

Linger every time, everyday

I do not like them, always


I cannot collect them

I cannot know of them

How truthful they are

Better get hurt than believe


They flicker every time

Change in no time

I try hard to clear them

They never leave me alone


Even on closing eyes

Dreams with open eyes

Fake images that never come

Images gone, perhaps not true


I want some empty pages

To make my own images

My life makers these images

Difficult to create, erase


But the good ones always

Keep pleasant all days

These moments I draw, color

More to come, so move…

One thought on “IMAGES THAT MOVE

  1. I found myself reading poem after poem, and i find the way you write so absorbing…God has surely blessed you as there is a spiritual radiance alive in what you share…keep writing and keep sharing! Your talent is a delightful blessing!

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