I do not understand what they keep talking about

Something that keeps the world going

Something that does not die or even live

Something strong, powerful and forever


It can do anything anywhere and that is why

All should fear, bend their heads down

All should fear, fall to virtual feet

All should fear, try to be always good


I wanted to live fearless, fight it, find it

Amazed to know it can never be found

Amazed to know it does not really exist

Amazed to know world still keeps going


But its mere existence gave us many answers so

Something must exist, holding true power

Something that stops us to do bad deeds

Something that cannot be explained or written


I wanted to know about it, want to find it out

Perhaps that voice sometimes I heard

Perhaps that strength sometimes I felt

Perhaps that thing I know from birth


Till it is in me and all of us, we have no one to fear

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