this when two hearts meet in

heaven, their dreams unite and 

their breath says the same word

this is a beginning, a mark, a drop

into the infinite world of life, death

it is the means, not the end

when two hearts come together

to live, to enjoy but most importantly, to build

a future, unspoken of

only in their gleamy eyes

of which they have aspired

its a journey of thousand miles

with hurdles at every step

but love spreading more and more

these two rivers now flow together

this is it, my marriage…


I felt something when I saw you

Its like a thunder went through me

I couldn’t smile or react, stood there

wishing you had not seen me back

few more days trying to avoid you

as my pulse would rise when around

but I felt more and more dissolved

how you mesmerised me with your grace

I knew one day I had to talk to you

could not stop smiling and looking

at you, I wanted to give my all to you

So this way we can be together

In time, in distance, or even in dreams

My eyes always looking for your love

I travel and I travel, far and wide

Give it away

just give it

to someone who needs it

why would you want

money in return

isn’t that what you got it for

lying idle

only space it will take

let it go 

and set yourself free

it wasnt built just for you

if only it was a neighbour

or a friend 

perhaps just a known

you would have given it

why be unfair to a stranger